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Before marijuana was completely legal, it was only legal for medical uses. The use of this plant for medical purposes actually dates 5.000 years back, with ancient civilizations relying on this wonderful herb to help them. If you are wondering about how medical weed seeds can help you, then keep reading as we’ve detailed everything about how it is used and what it can be used for! Keep reading to know more about it!

It can slow and stop the growth of cancer cells!

If you thought that marijuana is prescribed to cancer patients to help with their pain, then think again because it also helps stop and slow down cancer cells from spreading. 

According to the American Association of Cancer Research, weed can also affect the cancer cells in the breast, brain, and lungs.

It provides relief from Arthritis 

Cannabis can help Arthritis patients by providing some relief from pain and inflammation. It even promotes sleep, which can be an issue from people suffering from joint pain and inflammation. In fact, there is even a medicine called Sativex that is made from Sativa cannabis and helps people get relief from arthritis. 

It helps soothe the tremors associated with Parkinson’s disease 

People suffering from Parkinson’s disease often experience a lot of tremors that make it hard to perform daily functions. Marijuana is a great thing for such people as it can help make the tremors easier to control. People can regain a certain level of quality of life when they smoke weed.

It helps lessen epilepsy seizures

There was a study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University in which they gave marijuana extracts to epileptic rats and saw that it controls the epilepsy. This is because the THC in marijuana ends up binding to the brain cells that are responsible for increasing excitability and relaxation, which lessens the frequency of seizures.

It helps reduce the effects of glaucoma 

When you have glaucoma, there is a lot of pressure in the eyes which ends up ruining the optic nerve and distorting the vision. Based on studies conducted by the National Eye Institute, smoking marijuana can help you reducing the intracranial pressure and treating the issue entirely. Of course, one must get regular check ups to ensure that nothing is wrong, and based on the prognosis, you should ask your doctor whether it is okay to smoke weed. 

Medical weed seeds have many different uses and they have been okayed by the medical community. If you want to grow weed to sell to patients, or are looking for weed to help with your own problems, then do not hesitate. Just make sure that you ask your doctor first!