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Leafy greens are undeniable superstars in the food arena. They have low calories and high fiber, plenty of vitamins, and lots of phytonutrients. Leafy greens are vital foods in your health in many ways. Whether consumed in the whole form or powdered they have the incredible power to transform you to look younger plus, support healthy aging. Convinced? If you are not convinced yet, I urge you to continue reading to see the benefits of leafy greens and the importance of incorporating them into different diets.

Optimal brain functioning

If you want to boost your brain and reasoning capacity in your golden years, eating greens is the answer. A study on neurology recently found that eating greens every day slows cognitive decline as compared to eating minimal amount of greens. Green eaters were found to have memory equivalent to someone eleven years younger, and it was true even after adjusting other factors like education, lifestyle & overall health.

Relieve belly bloating

If you are struggling with bloating caused by diet, gut infection, hormones or digestive issues, the secret is to eat leafy greens. It contains potassium in abundance which is a mineral and also an electrolyte essential for optimally balance body fluids. I diet with high sodium due to processed foods worsens bloating and it should be checked by potassium intake. A single serving of spinach, for example, contain 840mg of potassium which leads you in the right direction to meet daily potassium requirements.

Make skin glow

A beta-carotene is a plant pigment normally associated with carrots and other yellow to orange vegetables. When leafy vegetables change color during fall, they turn red, orange or yellow during the process of losing chlorophyll. These colors provide benefits in leafy greens as they turn color. Beta-carotene is known to give youthful glowing skin and works from inside as a sunscreen that protects skin from UV rays harmful to your skin.

Relieve stress

If you want to relieve yourself of stress, start your day with a big green servings. Greens are an excellent sources of folate a component that helps the body in regulating mood-regulating compound called dopamine and serotonin. Magnesium leafy vegies supports vascular health.

Health bones

Many commercial ads might lure you to think the route to healthy bones is only bestowed in drinking plenty of milk and milk products. This could not be far from the truth, but research found that milk consumption provides no protective effects on fractures instead, it increases the risk of hip-fracture in women. Here is another reason to dump dairy products for greens. Calcium is abundantly available in dark-leafy green vegies which optimally support bone health. They also contain vitamin K important vitamins in body health.

Healthy aging

If you are looking to age gracefully, greens are the only way. Greens can delay the shortening of telomeres, protective caps in DNA that shortens with age. Once the telomeres are gone the cells die. Broccoli sprouts can preserve the length telomere.